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Pixolz arcade blast 'em up developed by Soloflare Interactive Ltd. The game has adopted a unique and simple visual style which is reminiscent of the golden age of 2D gaming.

The protagonist is Pixol, a lonely Pixel warrior that must navigate the tunnels of Pixon and survive the trials of the JargonPixolz, who will stop at nothing to 'Pixolate' our brave and lonely warrior, Pixol.

Luckily, Pixol is armed with an automatic Pixolium Pixolator, a powerful weapon designed to Pixolate the 'JargonPixolz'.

Pixolz is unfinished, but already runs at a steady 60 fps (Frames per Second) with a visually appealing style and intense gameplay.

Alternative power ups and abilities will be included in the final release of the title.

All early adopters who decide to drop tips ($1.99 or more) will get all updates and future releases for free.

You don't have to drop a tip. Pixolz Alpha 1.0 is completely free!

Target Platforms: Windows, iOS and Android.

Installations: Unzip and double-click the 'Pixolz.exe' Icon, and that's it!

Copyright Soloflare Interactive Ltd (All Rights reserved).


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Pixolz Alpha 1.0 (Windows XP +) 37 MB