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Silent Nights - Manifestations (Special Edition) is a combination of the first & second seasons of the Silent Nights saga, to bring you an unmissable, uninterrupted paranormal horror experience.

And this is only the beginning . . .

With a much longer story, improved narrative, character dialogue, chilling backing music, and improved art style, readers can expect a satisfying, high quality audio visual story telling experience that delves deeper into the events that lead up to the collapse of Lakebridge city.

The SN - Manifestations visual novel weighs in at just over 141 megabytes.

What makes this edition so 'special' ?

After receiving feedback from our readers, we can confirm the following:

1) Season 1 (remastered). Chapters 1 - 7.

2) Season 2 (remastered). Season 2 introduces longer chapters with many improvements in all areas of production. Season 2 covers chapters 8 - 12.

3) 1 bonus chapter (post credits). Chapter 13. 18+ Only.

4) Special guest appearance from a well known model and online personality from San Francisco, California.

5) Seamless story telling experience from chapter to chapter.

6) Extended teaser (post credits).

7) Photographers wall: Get to know all the amazing photographers responsible for providing the stock imagery to make Silent Nights a reality.

8) New Typewriter font.

9) Engaging storyline that will keep you wanting more.

10) Haunting soundtracks courtesy of Kevin Macleod.

11) Optimized to run seamlessly on variety of systems.

Silent Nights incorporates high quality stock imagery , sound effects and ambient soundtracks as a means to providing a compelling, captivating and genuine horror experience.

* Silent Nights supports self-voicing mode , which reads text to the user using an os-supplied speech synthesizer (Press 'v' when application is running).*

And with some guest appearances from actors and online personalities, Silent Nights - Manifestations (Special Edition) is a must have application in your digital novel library.

SFI (2015)


  • Format: Audio Visual Novel
  • Demo available: Yes
  • Genre: Paranormal, Psychological thriller, Horror, Suspense, Survival Horror
  • Language: English (International)
  • Chapters: 13 + End of credits teaser
  • Images: Yes
  • Audio: Yes
  • Full screen: Yes
  • In game Menu: Yes
  • Save game: Yes
  • Windowed: Yes
  • Video: No
  • Self-voicing: Yes
  • Rating: Mature
  • Platforms: PC (Windows XP & Above), Mac OS, Linux.
  • Readme: Yes
  • Affiliation: Independent

Please view the screenshots at the sidebar for an example of the in-game menu.

The README document is accessible from the main menu options (click on the 'HELP' button). It also contains the EULA.

Current Projects

  • Voice acting auditions.


About Us

Soloflare Interactive Ltd is an independent digital design studio based in the United Kingdom.

© Soloflare Interactive Ltd (2015)


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Silent Nights - Manifestations (Special Edition - Linux) 143 MB

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